Today’s electronic engineers are challenged by multiple factors in your work. Research over the years has illustrated common trends that you, as engineers, deal with including keeping your skills up-to-date, shrinking time-to-market windows, fewer engineers and smaller design teams for large projects and evolving technological trends. The bottom line is that you must continually update your engineering knowledge base to be successful in your work.

Throughout 2023, we are presenting a series of online educational days where you can learn how to address specific design challenges, learn about new techniques, or just brush up your engineering skills. We are offering eight different Training Days. Each day will focus on a helping you address a specific design challenge or problem. These are not company sales pitches! The focus is on helping you with your work.

We understand you work in a demanding and busy environment, and we recognize how valuable your time is. Therefore, each day will be comprised of two 30-minute sessions followed by live Q&A.

Mark your calendars and register for the following:

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