2023 Schedule

Thermal Management
March 15th
Controlling the thermal environment of electronic systems involves cooling heat-generating electronics and dissipating heat away from other components and systems. Tutorials will address how to overcome thermal management challenges in systems and devices from EVs to wide bandgap semiconductors and more.
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May 3rd
These sessions include addressing the challenges and the corresponding solutions to designing and testing for reduced emissions, susceptibility to RF interference, and susceptibility to ESD through best practices for PCB design, grounding, and shielding techniques.
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Designing for Sustainability
June 14th
With electrification comes the responsibility to discover and implement improved and innovative ways to reach sustainability. Learn how to design for low-power, sustainably manufactured components, disposal, software for minimal energy use, and minimal energy/materials used in manufacturing.
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Battery Management
August 9th
Sessions will cover the challenges and solutions around increasing capacity and voltage for high efficiency, battery circuit design for charging and management, battery modes and strategies for reducing energy consumption, test and measurement for safety, designing with Li-ion, powertrain BMS for EVs, and more.
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Motor Drives Design
September 13th
Challenges and solutions to noise and vibration in linear and stepper motors, generating PWM waveforms, motor power testing, optimizing EV inverter designs and body motor systems in vehicles, and wide bandgap switching for greater power densities and better efficiency.
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IoT Design/Wireless
October 11th
IoT design includes interfacing MCUs to sensors, wireless ICs, modules, and wired/wireless networks. Issues surrounding energy consumption, security, firmware software make designs ever more difficult. These sessions will discuss best design/test practices to bring connected devices to market.
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Electric Vehicle Design
November 8th
Drive your EV design challenge with solutions covering connectivity, LiDAR/radar, offboard charging, safety and security, Ethernet, and the complete powertrain from the onboard charger, battery pack, BMS, traction inverter, motor controller, dc-dc converters, to high-power connectors.
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5G/RF Design
December 6th
RF, microwave, and mmWave systems depend on components to transmit and receive signals. On the wired side, signal and power integrity issues can cause errors in buses such as PCIe and USB. Sessions will look at best design and test practices that minimize data errors on the board and over the air.
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