Electronic Engineers today are challenged by multiple factors in their work. Research over the years has illustrated common trends that engineers deal with including keeping their skills up to date, shrinking time-to-market windows, fewer engineers and smaller design teams for large projects and keeping up with the latest technological trends. The bottom line is that EEs must continually update their knowledge base to be successful in their work.

EE World Online is proud to introduce our first-ever EE Engineering Training Days – an online virtual conference designed to help engineers in their work. Whether it is a seasoned engineer with 20+ years of experience looking for new ideas or an entry-level engineer trained in one technology area but finding the need to learn about other applications, EE Engineering Training Days will help.

Our Engineering Training Days will be broken out over three days in late October. Each day will begin with a keynote address from a speaker experienced in the topic of the day. This will be followed by three “classroom” sessions in the form of live webinars with moderator and slide presentations.

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