Speaker: Alex Lidow, Ph.D., CEO and Co-founder, Efficient Power Conversion

By now most power system designers are either designing with WBG semiconductors, or they have plans to do so soon. The reasons are that GaN or SiC, the two materials in volume production are superior in many ways compared with the aging MOSFET or IGBT. However, it is the new applications fueled by the improved efficiency gained from WBG semiconductors that will save a large amount of our energy consumption and make way for an improved global standard of living and a cleaner environment. In this keynote we will discuss the role of WBG devices in the emergence of electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, robots, and green energy generation.
Speaker: Brian Law, Strategic Marketing Manager - Regulators and Lighting, Allegro MicroSystems

The increasing need for improved efficiency in power delivery systems has propagated the use of switching power supplies. This method of power regulation doesn’t come without its own challenges. One particular challenge is maintaining a very low EMI signature. This seminar will identify some tactics that can be implemented to minimize EMI and assure that a power delivery system will meet the very stringent requirements.
Speakers: Gary Mulcahy, Chief Technology Officer, Astrodyne TDI
Chris Hewitt, Director of R&D, Astrodyne TDI

Traditionally, proportional control of electric heater elements is accomplished with thyristor (e.g., SCR or Triac) based electronic switches. While these can be effective in controlling the amount of heat delivered, they often present issues with power factor and harmonics presented to the utility power line, excessive electronic noise which can adversely affect other nearby equipment, as well as complex control requirements and increased control latency.

An alternate approach to controlling delivered power and heat, leveraging high frequency switch mode technology, is presented in this session. Along with being a highly precise method of control, this alternate approach addresses performance issues of previous methods.

Key takeaways:
  • Operational considerations of thyristor-based circuits
  • Opportunities for performance improvements with high frequency switch mode
  • Performance comparison between both approaches
New size and power level requirements of server PSUs are pushing the limits of traditional topologies and semiconductors. Because of higher power and smaller size, power density and thermals are a large concern for design engineers. Improving efficiency by adopting new technology like GaN can help to ease those concerns, join us to discuss how TI is innovating to make this all possible.
Speaker: Steve Roberts, B.Sc. M.Sc., Innovation Manager, RECOM

Different EV charging applications (slow, fast, superfast, home vs. public chargers, future applications) require different solutions. We will introduce different charging levels and connectors. We will also discuss how home chargers work and the importance of OVCIII. We will review how public chargers work and the increased complexity of safety, security, and fee-charging. Lastly, we will speak on the Future EV charging: V2X.

RECOM provides the necessary building blocks (aux. power supplies, OVCII rated converters, gate driver DC/DCs, V2X solutions) to allow our customers to get quickly into the EV charging market while complying with the required regulations.
Speakers: George Chen, High Power Product Marketing Manager, Monolithic Power Systems
Di Han, Sr. Manager, Technical Marketing and Application Engineer, Monolithic Power Systems

As the automotive industry has gone through an electric vehicle revolution, power electronics have become paramount in the design of on-board chargers, traction inverters, and even DC fast charging stations. MPS has created an innovative resonant power supply solutions for biasing SiC power devices which have been critical in increasing power density, efficiency, and range of electric vehicles. These solutions can switch at up to 5Mhz to greatly reduce total solution size as well as component count. MPS also has many isolated gate drivers and signal isolators solutions for AC grid to DC battery conversion.