Wired & Wireless Connectivity

Electronic communication has become such an essential part of our lives that we can't function without it. But, what does it take to keep the data flowing over the air and through copper and fiber? Everyone from software developers to businesses to consumers simply assume that the bits always flow, but engineers know it takes a tremendous amount of technology to make that happen. Of course, that technology that must work all the time. In the wired and wireless communications day of EE World's Engineering Training Days, we'll look at wired and wireless communications from the engineer's perspective, which involves the RF, optical, and electrical links that keep the data flowing.
Classrooms may include:
  • RF Testing

  • 5G Synchronization (timing, synchronization, networking timing, etc.)

  • Wireless Communications Protocols (for IoT, IIoT, or other. NB-IoT, RFID, Zigbee)

  • Fiber Optic communications

  • Cybersecurity

  • AI in communications circuit and network design